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Keep West Virginia Wild and Wonderful | Fishing & Kayak Rentals

River Fishing & Kayaking

Keep West Virginia Wild and Wonderful LLC

We are currently closed for the season due to the low river levels. Please check back over the next few weeks as conditions may change.





Keep West Virginia Wild & Wonderful, LLC (KWVWW) is an angling kayak rental business located on the South Branch of the Potomac River in Moorefield, WV. This business is designed to offer anglers the opportunity to enjoy fishing in the best gear the industry has to offer; and to completely enjoy all that this beautiful body of water has to give when one is afloat on this 70 plus miles of river.

 We offer boats that are top of the line in the angling kayak fishing industry (the Jackson Coosa and Coosa HD).

 We feel that geographically we are located in the gateway of West Virginia and offer unique experiences to all. The early spring will offer beautiful water and culminating the season with an explosion of color from our late fall foliage.